Commercial Aquaponics System - Our solution to the Agriculture Crisis in the Philippines


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Our Technology:
Engineered Commercial – Aquaponics Climate Controlled Automated Systems (EC-ACCAS)

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The Philippine Agriculture is in Crisis.

As of the second quarter of this year, 2019, the value of production in agriculture dropped by 1.27%.

And this is due to the low production of crops.

In an article published by the Philippine News Agency, the newly appointed Agriculture Secretary Dr. William Dar introduces the "new thinking" in agriculture for the country to attain food security.

"The new thinking's vision is to have a food secure Philippines with prosperous farmers and fisherfolk. Its mission is to collectively empower farmers and fisherfolk and the private sector to increase agricultural productivity and profitability, taking into account sustainability and resilience," said Dar in a press briefing on Tuesday held at the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) in Quezon City.

 "Agripreneurship should also form part of the paradigm to modernize Philippine agriculture, as farming and fisheries should be treated as business undertakings or industries," he added.

Agriculture must also be treated as an industry, "with the objective of industrializing the value chain of every agricultural commodity," Dar said.

"While productivity increase is a major objective, it is equally important to produce more income by value adding, processing, manufacturing, and developing markets for both raw and processed agricultural products," he said.



Our Solution to the Agriculture Crisis - Aquaponics

BNCGI and Akiro Construction work together in planning and designing a Commercial Aquaponics System that will help in producing natural and organic crops and vegetables for the Filipinos.


Benefits of Aquaponics Systems

Aquaponics systems is a scientific and engineered method of food production that combines conventional agricultural practices of rearing aquatic animals in tanks and growing of plants in water devoid of soil. The following are some of the main benefits of an aquaponics system:

  1. Produce fresh and organic fish and vegetables with aquaponics
  2. Plants grow faster and taste better with aquaponics
  3. Produce can last longer without rotting compared to synthetically grown plants.
  4. Aquaponic systems are easy to build and cheap to run
  5. It requires 6x less space than traditional farming
  6. It requires 90% less water than classical farming
  7. Aquaponic systems are easily expandable for commercial purposes
  8. It’s sustainable and eco-friendly way of food production
  9. Aquaponics is an efficient way to produce out of season products
  10. It’s employing the whole family in sustainable farming
  11. Up to 75% more energy efficiency
  12. Absolute zero use of synthetic chemical fertilizers
  13. All year-round farming solutions regardless of climate
  14. No need for manual watering
  15. Environmentally friendly and promotes green technology